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Evaluating Storm Damage

Adamstree Roofing and Construction is experienced and equipped to repair and restore every kind of damage after every kind of storm. We’ve seen it all, and our satisfied customers will testify that we’ve done it all . . . and done it well. Typical damage can include:

  • Winter Storm Damage – The damage from snow, blizzards, ice storms and freezing rain can include roof and structural damage from heavy snow as well as damage to fascia, exterior pipes and siding, and utility lines. Ice dams can trap water in between your roof and a layer of ice, which can result in leaks, mold and structural damage if not dealt with properly. These can be easy to miss, but are important to be aware of because they can quickly lead to leaks and then to mold and structural damage.
  • Hail Damage – The Midwest is famous for its hailstorms. Of course, the roof, including shingles and structural damage are the obvious targets, but siding and fascia, downspouts and pipes can also be affected.
  • Lightning and Thunderstorm Damage – Harsh wind and rain can hammer your roof and siding. The Adamstree team has the knowledge and the experience to repair any storm damage on your home.
  • Flood Damage – Our restoration experts can repair severe flood damage to your home or building.


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19959 W 162nd St,
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19959 W 162nd St,
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