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Restoration vs. Storm Chaser

At Adamstree, we want to make absolutely sure you don’t wind up paying for mediocre services from traveling roofers who will be gone as soon as they finish the job. Don’t let storm chasers take advantage of you; contract a legitimate, permanent local storm damage repair specialist.

What’s the Difference Between Storm Chasing & Storm Restoration?

On the surface, a credible, professional and reliable storm restoration company often looks very similar to a here-today-gone-tomorrow company that blew in after the storm. Both may be from out of town, or even out of state. Both are knowledgeable about homeowners insurance, what is likely to be covered, what is not, and how to negotiate. Both may be seen knocking on doors around town and through the neighborhood after a particularly devastating storm. And both are likely to be represented by friendly, personable people who claim to be there to help you out. But it really isn’t difficult to tell the difference if you scratch just a little bit below the surface.

  • A credible storm restoration company will inspect the roof and the walls, and every aspect of your home’s exterior to give you a complete assessment of your options, as well as an estimate of the cost to get your home fully restored to its former glory. A storm chaser will talk to you about roofs and siding, and won’t be concerned about the other details – details that take time and don’t get reimbursed by insurance companies as quickly and easily.
  • A credible storm restoration company will take the time to work directly with your insurance to derive a cost to get your property back to pre-storm condition. A storm chaser will be willing to give you an estimate because they are in a hurry to get started, get done and move on to the next storm ravaged community. Getting an estimate for an insurance claim usually leads to future problems for the homeowners. Some of these problems include poor workmanship, lack of warranties, and even enticing the homeowners to commit insurance fraud by making a profit from their insurance claim.
  • A credible storm restoration company will give you time to review the paperwork, to discuss the matter with your spouse or partner, and patiently answer any questions you may have about the construction process and the insurance claims process, challenges you are likely to face, pros and cons of different options, and the materials they will use. A storm chaser will be impatient for you to make a decision quickly, persuading you by any means possible to sign agreements to have them do the work for you, and a commitment authorizing them to negotiate directly with your insurance company’s claims adjuster. Basically, a storm chaser wants to push the sale as fast as possible.
  • A credible storm restoration company is extremely knowledgeable about the intricacies of dealing with homeowner’s insurance — including the pitfalls that can leave an unwitting homeowner hung out to dry — and will make sure you understand every step of the process and why it matters. They will take the time needed to meet with adjustors and consult with you. A storm chaser also knows those same intricacies, but they will use them to make the greatest profit for themselves without consideration for making the homeowner whole, knowing where they can cut corners on quality and materials in order to increase the profit margin and how much they can squeeze out of the deal before they head out of town.

The Adamstree Difference – With You Beyond the Storm

A credible, professional, reliable storm restoration company may be from out of town or even out of state, but they won’t be from the other side of the country. They may come knocking on your door after a storm, because frankly, that’s one of the best ways to introduce themselves and give you the option of working with them instead of the other fly-by-nights who are trolling the area. When a representative from a credible, professional, reliable storm restoration company like Adamstree Roofing knocks on your door, you will feel the difference in your gut. There’s no fast talk and no urgency. There’s full disclosure about the good news and the bad. And there’s a clear sense that they are here to help get things back to normal. Adamstree Roofing and Construction has permanent offices in Colorado and Missouri, with new permanent offices slated to open across the Central United States. If we are in your area after a storm, you can rest assured we have a permanent presence nearby. Our representatives have years of experience dealing with insurance companies, but our motivation is to get you the best settlement possible and use that to bring your home’s exterior back to the best possible condition. Of course we are in business to make a profit, but we do that best with satisfied customers who are treated fairly and honestly.

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