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Homeowners Insurance

Dealing with your insurance company for filing a claim can be a daunting process. Adamstree will explain the process so you will know what to expect and will walk you through every step of the way. Here’s an overview of the various steps of the homeowners insurance process:

Step One

The first step after a hail or wind storm is for your property to be inspected by one of Adamstree’s qualified storm restoration experts. If significant weather related damage is found the Adamstree representative will recommend that an insurance claim be called in. At that time, the Adamstree representative will help you file the claim with your insurance company.

Step Two

The second step will be the insurance adjuster appointment. After the claim has been called in you will receive a call from and adjuster representing your insurance company. The adjuster will schedule a time to inspect your property. After the inspection is scheduled it is extremely important to notify your Adamstree Representative to represent you at the adjuster inspection. The Adamstree representative will work directly with the adjuster to ensure that all damage to your property and personal items is accounted for.

Step Three

The third step is receiving your scope of work from the adjuster along with your “1st” check. The insurance company will pay your claim in a two-step process. The “1st” check will be the Actual Cash Value (ACV) minus your deductible. The “2nd” check, which is your Replacement Cash Value (RCV), will be paid once all of the work is completed and Adamstree has invoiced your insurance company. The “2nd” check will also include permit fees, code upgrades and any additional items the adjuster did not include on the initial scope of work.

Occasionally your insurance checks will also have your mortgage companies name on them. If this is the case the check must be endorsed by your mortgage company. Sometimes this can be done locally but often the checks need to be mailed to the “Loss Draft Department” at your mortgage company. Some mortgage companies also require additional information. The best way to expedite this process is to call your mortgage companies “Loss Draft Department” as soon as the claim is filed. Your Adamstree representative will gladly help you through this process.

Let us help you through the process of making a claim through your homeowners insurance. Contact Adamstree Roofing & Construction in Missouri & Kansas (913) 703-5153
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